• This mask is made of Polyprrole Antimicrobial Textile (PPy)
  • No other source of mask in the US is offering a PPy mask, patented pending
  • This is not a single-use mask. It can be washed and has been tested in 65 washings at 165F with no deterioration in the protective barrier      
  • Designed to protect from airborne particle matter and to keep your fingers off your nose and away from your mouth               
  • Designed for long life – month/years and to have for the next virus 
  • Designed for all mask requirements, personal safety, not for surgeons

PPy Masks are $34.99 each.

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For more in-depth information about the PPy fabric, read these studies:

  • The PPy Mask is sourced and made in the USA – keeping American’s working and manufacturing personal barrier masks
  • The use of a Polyprrole in the capacity as a Antimicrobial is an American effort                          
  • Sewing/assembly is performed by American workers, they are allow to work in restricted states because they contribute to the efforts against the COVID-19 Pandemic