Supporting Patient Warmth And Comfort When They Remember It Most



  • For use in perioperative environments, emergency departments, diagnostic, endo and clinical applications
  • Handheld temperature control pendent allows the patient to select their personal level of warming comfort
  • Patient weight activates warming system/pendent to standby status
  • Temp selection options: Stand by (no warming), Warm (98.6°F), Warmer (101°f), Warmest (104°f)
  • Safe and smart temperature management technology
  • Clean with hospital grade germicide following facility cleaning protocal
  • Eliminates the use of disposable warming gowns
  • PINTLER VISTA™ and one blanket will keep your patients warm

VISTA power


  • Power supply and operating system are integrated into the pad
  • Pad connects to external wall power with hospital grade cord
  • Vinyl cover replaceable
  • Pendent and power cord are easily replaced if damaged
  • Energy efficient
  • No batteries
  • Activation with pressure of five or more pounds


  • UL Certified Power Supply
  • 5A/48 Volt, 200 Watt
  • Independent Temp Sensors For Safe Operation
  • Microprocessor Technology
  • Conductive Warming
  • Hospital Grade Vinyl Cover
  • Antimicrobial/Antibacterial Foam And Cover
  • Available in All Stretcher Sizes
  • Unheated Stretcher Pads Also Available