Pintler Patient Warming Systems does two things better than any other company in the world:  combine active patient warming and superior pressure redistribution into a single product.   Pintler Patient Warming Systems –  the standard for all Surgical Table Surfaces.

Pintler Medical offers a complete family of products.

The Pintler heated OR table pad has been a game-changer in my OR!  Patient warming has always been challenging in plastic surgery because of the patient exposure. With Pintler, my patients are maintaining their body temperature despite the sometimes-lengthy procedures. In addition to improved clinical outcomes, perioperative hypothermia has been mitigated and patients have been more satisfied postoperatively.  Additionally, the customer service from Pintler has been second-to-none. I highly recommend Pintler’s Patient warming system for improved patient care and satisfaction.

– Jennifer Harrington MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Minneapolis