Our Mission

Design and deliver products for the perioperative experience, which results in improved patient outcomes.

Our Story

The concept of developing a patient warming product began in 1998 when Kent’s mother had a total hip replacement. She came out cold and it required almost 2 hours to warm her due to age, circulatory issues and the nature of the procedure. When he left the hospital in a car with heated seats, the thought came to him:
“If I can warm myself so easily and quickly sitting on a car seat, why can’t a little lady be warmed during surgery so she is comfortable and at the very least isn’t shaking and shivering?”
Since then Kent has been on a crusade: Find a solution for safely warming patients in the OR. This has lead to a number of unique and patented answers. Over the years, Kent has built an expertise for warming patients by combining new and emerging technologies.

Synergy: The idea of solving multiple problems with a single application has become a byword at Pintler Medical. The Pintler Patient Warming System addresses safe warming, pressure redistribution, better patient outcomes, high patient satisfaction scores and significant revenue savings in waste stream reduction.

What We Do

PINTLER MEDICAL designs, develops and delivers patient safe innovative products that provide the healthcare professional with safe and effective solutions for “Active Patient Warming”, Pressure Reduction and Pressure Redistribution of every surgical patient. With an expertise in maintaining normothermia using resistive warming technology and pressure reduction, we provide innovative products supporting positive patient outcomes.

Our Values

  • SAFETY – first for the patient and the healthcare professional
  • CREATIVITY – solution driven designs and products
  • INNOVATION – push the envelope, explore the possible
  • INTEGRITY – our company and our products
  • INTUITION – innately logical designs and products
  • PRACTICALITY – simple, efficient, well designed


Pintler does two things better than any company in the world today: patient warming and pressure reduction – pressure redistribution for every patient where the Pintler pads are utilized as the surgical table surface.

Pintler Medical is a patient safe product that addresses infection control, useful in the prevention of nosocomial infections and exhibits ease of use by the clinician.

Primary areas of use:

  • Cardiovascular Warming
  • Transplant Warming
  • Orthopedic Surgery Warming
  • PreOp and PostOperative Non-disposable Patient Warming