“Active Patient Warming”

  • Our resistive warming technology applies the laws of thermodynamics—heat moves to cold
  • The heating element uses ink as the resistor to produce even, consistent thermals, warming the patient
  • Desired temperature is delivered uniformly across the surface of the pad
  • Utilizes less then 100W of power – 1/10th of the power required by forced air or water warming
Adult male chest immediately after 30 minutes of Bair Hugger at full power
Adult Male back immediately after 30 minutes of resistive warming

PEAK  Pressure Reduction Pads

  • The materials we use allow for maximum weight disbursement because of flexible surfaces that stretch in all directions: 100% “give”
  • Reduces pressure sore events by distributing the skeletal load-bearing pressure against soft tissue over the broadest area of skin possible
  • This innovation provides a smooth, fluid impervious surface without seams or creases
No other company delivers delivers this combination of “Active Patient Warming” and Pressure Redistribution