A Pintler Medical Patient Warming System can pay for itself in less than 1 year

Consider this:
  • 250 patients to be warmed before surgery can incur upwards of $5,000 in expenses (gowns and blankets)
  • Forced air requires restocking supplies, OR staff time for setup and cleaning, and volumes of medical waste
  • OR procedures less than an hour often lead to patients left in the cold if schedules are incorrect (it takes too long to setup warming)
With the One-time purchase of Pintler Medical’s Patient Warming System:
  • recurring single-use disposables disappear
  • our pad is always in place
  • no setup time required
  • no waste generated
  • minimal equipment to clean
  • with the touch of a button, all patients are actively warmed from the moment they are positioned on the table, regardless of the procedure’s length

How much can your facility save while actively warming every patient?