Pintler Medical and CURE International

CURE International is a non-profit organization that operates a global network of children’s hospitals. Over the last year, Pintler Medical has teamed up with historical customers who have volunteered to donate back their old warming system power units, so that they may be refurbished and used to help CURE with their mission of delivering world class surgical care to children living with treatable disabilities. We are proud to work with CURE International, and plan to continue to help them continue on their mission in 2022 and 2023.

Please visit CURE.ORG for more information!

Pintler Training & In-Service

2017 Pintler introduced a new program where new users and large trials have not only local sales representation but a training person to guide the best practices and use of product for Orthopedic warming, CVOR’s, general patient care and to share experiences that other facilities offer in their conversion to Pintler and ending the use of water pads and forced air warming.

FACIAL Transplants

Pressure reduction and warming were the goals when Johns Hopkins Medical Research Center, Baltimore, Maryland selected Pintler Medical’s PEAK pad as the patient care surface for FACIAL Transplants.  This 24-hour procedure demands skin care for the patient as this amazing procedure is performed.

Supine patient warming with Pintler delivers vasal dilation and pressure redistribution delivered continually to prevent surgical acquired bed sores.